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5 Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories at During the Work Day

5 Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories at During the Work Day

5 Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories at During the Work Day

You may think the 30 minutes you spend every other day in the gym is enough to keep you trim and healthy, but it’s not. If you want overall good health, you need to eat well and find windows of exercising opportunity every day—not just during your scheduled workouts. The more we move, the more calories we will burn! 

How can you squeeze in a little exercise when most of your hours are spent sitting at a desk, meeting in the conference room, and preparing for big presentations? Read on to find out when you can squeeze in exercise and how to do it. 

1. On the Way to Work. To start your day with a smidgen of calorie-burning exercise, you may need to wake up a few minutes earlier than usual. Not to get in a workout before tossing on your power suit, but rather so you’ll have time to torch a few calories on the way to work. To shed some calories before clocking in, you have a number of options depending on your situation. You can bike or walk to work, or park your car at the far end of the parking lot so you get to walk farther to reach your office. And of course, once you get to your building, take the stairs anytime you can. Please, don't ride the escalator, use it as stairs too.  

2. Every Time You Finish a Task. When you first get to work, make a to-do list. This will help keep you on track and will also set you up for exercise rewards. Each time you cross a task off your list, give yourself an exercise reward. This could be walking a couple laps around the office, standing up and doing a couple quick stretches, or closing your office door and knocking out a dozen push-ups. Know what your reward of the day will be and go for it. Obviously I joke with clients I don't want them to be less productive at work but more so encourage them to get out of the desk as much as possible in the day! This will help you burn more calories vs sitting down at the desk all day long.  

3. When You Need to Communicate. Helpful as email may be, there is a way to communicate with your colleagues that actually keeps your body moving. That way? Getting out of your seat and walking to your coworker’s office to talk things through. Have to make a few phone calls? Stand up as you talk or better yet, pace back and forth during the conversation. See if you are able to get a headset for your phone so you can walk around the office. Use the computer screen when needed but again, move as much as possible.  

4. Get up! A great way to sneak a little calorie burning into your routine is to get up every thirty minutes. And your exercising doesn’t need to be super intense. Set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to get up so you don't forget!

All you need to do is stand up. Do this 16 times a day (for every 30 minutes in an 8 hour work day). Squat 3 times before sitting back into your chair and you will drop 100 calories a day. That’s right—all you have to do to stand up for your health is stand up; and then add some squats. :) 

5. Do a meeting walk! (Weather pending) Sometimes companies are going for walks outside to get fresh air vs sitting in a board room while eating sandwiches and cookies. Getting your body moving is a great way to burn calories while also studies show this approach helps creativity and ideas flow more freely. Use a smart phone to record special tasks, or reminders while you go.  

All of these bonus calorie burning tips are great – when done in conjunction with a consistent, challenging exercise program. If you aren’t yet one of my valued clients then now is the time to join in – call or email today to get started!

10 Minute Workout Timer Example

After completing a warm up try this 10 Minute Timer. Do as many rounds as you can in 10 Minutes. Repetitions are just guidelines but do your best to complete with quality form.  

10 Reps - Dumbbell / Kettle bell Squats
10 Reps - Incline Dumbbell Presses
10 Reps - DB Rows off Bench
10 Reps - Jumping Jacks
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