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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership FAQs

What is pre sale life time rate?

I signed up for pre sale membership, when does my membership start?

What is your monthly membership rates?

What is add on membership?

Do you offer student discount?

Members FAQs

What is Site2Gym?

Can I use my free month at another Anytime Fitness location?

Can I bring friends, family, or guest for a work out?

When will my key fob be active at other Anytime Fitness locations?

Can I participate in a virtual class if someone is in the studio room?

Can I have my own locker?

What are my options if I do not yet know how to use the equipment?

Do I need to wipe equipment after use?

Why do I have to pay service and late fees if my payment bounced?

Where can I find all other anytime fitness gyms?

Will I get a refund for my key fob if I cancel?

Who can I contact if my key fob isn't working?

What is the Club Enhancement Fee?

How do I get a free month if I refer someone?

How do I Freeze or un-freeze my membership?

How can I get a receipt?

What is included in my membership?

I am member of a different Anytime Fitness and I forgot to bring my key fob, can I still workout?

I am member of other Anytime Fitness and I'm within 30 days of sign up, can I workout?

How to sign up for classes online?

Can I receive a free month for referring an Add-on member to my account?

Why do I have to pay a Club Enhancement Fee?

What are my options if I can not make it to any of the group fitness classes scheduled at my location?

Will my rate change after my contract ends?

Who are the owners? How can I contact them?

How do I update or change my payment method?

Did you find my missing item in the gym in the last 1-2 days?

Is advertising for other businesses allowed inside the gym?

How do I use the Hydro-Massage Bed?

Who do I contact for donation inquires?

How to update the banking information for my account?

What is required if I am visiting from another Anytime Fitness Club?

Why are there only 5 group fitness classes offered?

Can I let my friend or family member try out the gym for one visit or a week?

Why is there no 7 day trial offered at this location?

Why am i being charged NSF, Non-Sufficient Funds Fees?

How can I get refund for late fees or NSF charges?

How can I transfer my membership?

Why are key fobs non transferable?

What happens to my referral months, if I transfer my membership to any other person? Would he/she get those free months?

How do I submit proof of discounted membership ?

I signed up for discounted membership, but my rate has changed in this billing? why?

If I am still in contract, what is a valid cancellation proof?

Why do I have to submit proof of a discounted membership within 24 hours?

Where do I submit a complaint for cleaning / maintenance / equipment / staff

Why doesn't my club offer sauna/tanning/swimming services?

Will my contract auto renewal after my contract is over?

Do I have to signup for another contract after my initial contract expires?

Why don't your club allow drop ins or punch passes?

Can I just join the gym for classes?

I signed up at another anytime fitness location, but when my membership got transferred to this location, my rate went up. Why?

Why can't I have my previous membership rate?

I have completed a 6 month membership, What are my options if I want a lower rate?

How can I cancel my membership ?

What kind of security system do you have in place for members safety when working out alone or late at night?

Why are you not staffed 24/7?

How can I contact a personal trainer?

I lost my key fob, Do I need to purchase a new one?

What is the minimum age for kids to join?

What is the age to be eligible for a senior rate?

Is your facility open on Statutory Holidays?

How can I request new equipment or gym accessories?

What are the accepted methods of payments?

How can I make a payment online?