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Bullet Proof Coffee!

Bullet Proof Coffee!

So, your back at work and you may be feeling energized after your time off or you might be like
most people and are still feeling a little sluggish from the Holidays. So I’m here to give you
something super easy to try this week that will help improve your energy in the morning and
reduce some of that nasty brain fog you’ve got going on.

Bullet Proof Coffee!

I’m always telling my clients about it and how this simple change in your morning routine can
help you improve your energy throughout the day, reduce cravings, and eliminate brain fog.

This super dose of healthy fats in the morning:
• provides you with fast energy, from the short MCT’s that convert into ketone energy and can
be used by the brain immediately
• helps restore the proper balance of good bacteria in your gut
• improves your skin, hair and nails
• reduces inflammation and
• promotes protein synthesis

You want to avoid adding milk, sugar, honey as they interfere with the benefits of drinking
BulletProof Coffee because they will change your insulin response. However, you can add
coconut cream, coconut milk, cinnamon, xylitol, or stevia. I add Chocolate Whey Protein Powder
to my coffee for an extra protein boost.

Try this this every morning for the rest of the week and I have good feeling you’ll be hooked. I
started 4 months ago and now I wouldn’t leave the house without my BulletProof coffee.
You will need:
• 1 cup of brewed coffee
• 1 tbsp MCT Oil
• 1 tbsp Unsalted Grass-fed Butter
• 1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder

Brew a cup of coffee, add to your blender with remaining ingredients. Blend until smooth. Enjoy
immediately. Because everyone oxidizes fats differently and your body may not be used to
getting a high dose of fat in the morning, I recommend that you start with a smaller dose of oil
and butters and work your way up to 1 tbsp. Start with 1 tsp - 1/2 tbsp. See how you feel and
increase your dosage over the course of a few days to a week. Remember, double the oil
doesn’t equal double the power. :)

If you like this health tip and recipe, contact me for a free
consultation on how I can help you achieve your nutrition goals this year!

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