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Things to Remember

Things to Remember (Important!)

1) DO NOT give your personal key fob to your friends or family members, it will result in a fine of $250 on your account for every single incident, with a total of $1000 fine and then cancelation of your membership completely.

2) Sometimes due to weather conditions, the door of the key fob dispenser is jammed, please try to push it hard to open

3) For any concerns, please email to or send it to your club email, that can be found at contact us page on our website,

4) After you become the member of our club, you can do everything online by going to > Member Zone > Self Service Forms, and fill out form for any billing questions, receipt requests, freeze, un freeze, cancelation etc all from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world. 

5) "Members Welcome Package" will be sent to you in an email within next 2-4 business days. Please read your welcome package thoroughly, as this will have all the information regarding our gyms, for example: how to book classes etc