Personal Trainer High River

Tabitha Kolodziej


Creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself is a lifetime approach to fitness, pushing yourself beyond your limits, teaching yourself how to fuel your body, monitoring your progression and helping yourself adopt a mindset that will not accept failure. A goal without a plan is just a wish.


Client Base:

  • Various ages and all fitness levels
  • Goal driven clients who are going to put in hard work
  • Competitive athletes / transformations
  • Goal driven clients who are going to put in hard work


Personal Interests:

  • Bodybuilding ·         Golfing, Basketball, Volleyball
  • Hunting / Fishing / Camping ·         Travelling


Meet Your Coach

My name is Tabitha Kolodziej, I am a certified personal trainer with 8 years experience serving as a lifestyle health & fitness coach, and 3 years experience as a contest prep coach. I am a provincial qualified physique competitor placing top 5 in Alberta and a National qualified athlete in duo bodybuilding.

Growing up fitness has always been a part of my life. Everything you can imagine from playing basketball, volleyball, badminton, football, hockey, track and field, you name it I did it. Ever since I started high school and from continuous moves it became harder to stay dedicated to sports and meet new people.

Since the age of 16 my passion for sports vs the gym began to change. At first the gym was a recreational thing for me, something to do after school, and on the weekends. My passion for fitness began to grow as I learned many new things and in talking to trainers and previous competitors for support and advice. I decided to learn more through various education programs about nutrition, training techniques, and supplements.

As many of my friends and family seen my commitment and dedication it became something I loved sharing with others. I love kicking ass at the gym, even my own! My favorite body part to train is back, I'm sure many would agree how much leg day sucks....I enjoy helping inspire and motivate people to feel good about themselves. It goes without saying "take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live." Becoming a trainer was a choice without hesitation as it allows me to change the lives of other people and to also continuously improve on my own physical skills and training.


Bodybuilding was something that has always fascinated me and admiring many of the Olympia pros on their hard work and dedication. I knew competing was a goal that I wanted to work towards. I prepped for my first show in the Figure division in 2014 and although an injury had held me back at 4 weeks out I learned a lot about myself mentally and physically. It's true "your body is capable is anything, it's your mind you have to convince." For anyone ever wanting to compete the best advice I can give is make sure you're doing it for YOU! Not because you feel you owe somebody something

or to feel you have a point to prove.

There's nothing more satisfying than looking back at remembering where you came from regardless if you're first place or last place. Competing is not about being better than others and comparing what you have to others around you. It should be like anything in life you want to accomplish for YOURSELF and to know the hard work and dedication you put forward. The only person you should ever compete against is yourself!  I will continue on my journey to inspire and motivate as many lives as possible.


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