• Please wear indoor shoes. Salt, sand, gravel and water can be slippery and may damage floor or machines. Our staff works extremely hard to keep our club clean and your help in the matter is appreciated!


  • IF YOU DON'T KNOW...ASK! Please don't try to figure out how to use equipment on your own. We are here to help!


  • Please clean up after yourself. Wipe equipment after use, clean up any spills that occur. Please put away weights and accessories when you are done with them.


  • Please be respectful of those around you and avoid strong fragrances & be aware of unpleasant odors.


    • Avoid taking calls while in the club, take your calls in the lobby or outside of the club. Members share equipment, if you receive a phone call or text message please vacate the equipment until your call is done.


    • Do not crash or throw weights. Everybody drops a weight once in a while but it is NOT acceptable or necessary to toss weights. Doing this negatively affects the workout of those around you AND damages the plates which are costly to replace. Please be courteous to other members at all times. 


    Our club is a positive environment for our members and we would like to keep it this way. Do your part by following the guidelines and by using proper gym etiquette!