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site to gym experience FUEL YOUR BODY
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SITE2GYM ( provides an online experience to gym members or prospects, for the services that can be achieved through web for helping them in their membership experience at our partner location clubs. This is why it's named SITE2GYM ~ website to gym experience or as we call it, "site to gym experience"

Our online services include, but are not limited to;

  • Selling gym membership online
  • Click and Collect Shopping Portal 
  • SCHED4GYM (schedule for gym), members can reserve spot in our classes offered at their home club 
  • Fitness Consultation
  • Members Self Service Forms

We didn't want to call our vending machines, just another "brand name - vending machine". Because it's just not another vending, LEUF provides the experience of 24/7 retail in our clubs. 

LEUF is designed for our club members, by keeping their convenience of shopping and the future of supplement retail in mind. 

 The word LEUF, came from the word FUEL.

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It all started with a small idea of providing online supplement shopping experience to gym members in 2015, but as the time progressed, we started brining other tools on our website, that can enhance the membership experience for our members even further.

Our team at SITE2YGYM is not stopping just here, we are continuously working on to bring tools on our website that can further enhance the gym experience for our members at partnered location clubs. 

TIME is the most important commodity of modern age, and we at SITE2GYM believe in going that extra mile for helping our members save their time by giving them an online experience from site to gym

LEUF is powered by SITE2GYM DNA. We want to improve members supplement retail shopping experience at our partnered location clubs through LEUF.