Presale Membership

NOTE: This page is ONLY for our clubs, which are under construction and we are doing presale online for members convenience. To buy a membership of our fully operational club in your community, please visit "buy gym membership" page on this website. 

Please select the form for your pre-sale club location:-

Please note that this presale form will be automatically disabled after we reach a set limit.

Lifetime Rate - No changes will ever be made to your membership rate, you will stay with us at the lowest rate for the lifetime guaranteed. 

Contract rate - these are the lowest rates only for your first contract term, 12/18 month. After your first contract is served successfully, your payments will go back to a normal rate of gym membership

All memberships goes on month to month after serving one successful contract term. 

Alberta: -

 Anytime Fitness Sylvan Lake

British Columbia: -

Newfoundland and Labrador: -

Anytime Fitness Cornerbrook

Benefits of Membership with Anytime Fitness (at any of our partnered locations)

Why to sign up during pre sale?

  • Our lowest rates ever are offered ONLY during pre sale
  • First 50 members will get life time rate
  • Enrollment Fees $0 for first 300 members
  • All presale registered members get 30 days cancellation period after gym opens, with full refund given

Virtual Tours Available for our existing clubs (click here)